Tonight, legendary Austin punk band The Chumps will play their last show together at the Legendary White Swan. Born in the 1990’s underground Austin music scene, their final show harkens the close of an Austin musical legend and artistic legacy that has birthed three spin off bands, fostered a fiercely independent music community—while inspiring countless Austin musicians to take creative matters into their own hands. No small thing considering you’d be hard to find a copy of their records, won’t see anyone wearing a t-shirt and damn sure won’t hear them on the radio. The above documentary a rare media piece on the otherwise, privated and media shy band. What you will find if you can make it is this; a free show (take that Fugazi), word-of-mouth stories, crunchy chords humming with sweat and a performance delivered at 100mph designed to move your thoughts a little closer to the truth of things; that despite living in a music community that often favors glad handing for a ticket out of town singing tired old tropes, these self-proclaimed Rock City Rejects know you got no reason to not try and make things happen for yourself.    

Video: The Chumps, Rock City Rejects, Live at Emo’s

One Last Free Show…
Join us in saying goodbye to The Chumps at The Legendary White Swan. A Free Show. Doors at 9pm.
Map: 1906 E 12th St  Austin, TX 78702  | Phone: 512-600-6956

City Life, Dead Space, Savage Pinks and The Slizz get things started.

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