Over the past month, I’ve written a couple of quick pieces on Arcade Fire through the release cycle for their new double album Reflektor, not only as a fan of their music, but also, as an experience designer who looks forward to and enjoys how they use interactive principles and multimedia to engage and delight listeners. Today, I am happy to share how-to listen to the Hidden Track/Easter Egg ‘Awful Sound’ hinted at on Twitter, but I found whilst listening to the new album on a DVD player but did not find on CD or Digital.

If you are not familiar with Arcade Fire, or, how they have employed interactive engagement over the course of their musical journey, hit the links below for the most exhaustive list of interactive and experiential engagements I have been able to compile to date. Happy listening!

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>>>Teaser for Hidden Track ‘Awful Sound’ From Arcade Fire Album Reflektor
>>>Arcade Fire as The Reflektors Play ‘Normal Person’  on The Colbert Report
>>>Arcade Fire Plays ‘Flash Bulb’ at Capitol Records Building
>>>Arcade Fire Plays Sequence of Small venues as The Reflektors (Breakglass Teaser via Twitter)
>>>Arcade Fire Short Film for Reflektor: Here Comes the Night Time
>>>Arcade Fire Interactive Video for Reflektor (Chrome Only)
>>>Arcade Fire We Used to Wait Interactive Music Video (Chrome Only)
>>>Arcade Fire/Spike Jones Film Scenes from the Suburbs
>>>Arcade Fire The Suburbs Interactive Listening with Changing Album Art
(Available via Downloaded Version Which Has Changing Artwork Per Track for Some Digital Music Players)
>>>Arcade Fire Interactive Video Neon Bible
>>>Arcade Fire Interactive Video Black Mirror

!>>>Arcade Fire Partners in Health Relief Project for those affected by the devastating 2010 Haiti Earthquake.